Kindergarten Primary School
Kindergarten Primary School

EAL/LS Teacher

Primary School
Ningbo Zhejiang, China

Onboard Date:2023 February

Job Title: English Additional Language & Learning Support (EAL/LS) Teacher


Location: Ningbo, Zhejiang


Responsible to: Principal 



Purpose of Job: To assist and support pupils with special educational and general language learning needs.


Responsibilities of the post:


The main role of the (EAL/LS) teacher is to maximise student learning and development

through the planning, preparation and teaching of programmes to meet students’ individual

learning needs and achieve specific outcomes. Teacher will teach a range of student abilities

and classes and are accountable for the effective delivery of their programmes. The Learning Support Assistant’s (LS) main role is to provide support for pupils with special educational needs. The LS will ensure that the pupils can integrate as fully as possible in the activities generally undertaken by the other children in the class and make progress.  

Duties will include running specific programmes and activities to assist the pupils’ individual learning and social needs.  The LSA will be responsible for implementing the targets on the pupils’ Individual Education Plan (IEP) in liaison with the HR teachers.


Supporting pupils

· To provide learning support for pupils in class or in 1:1 situations.

· To develop knowledge of the particular needs of the children and seek advice from the SENCo and Homeroom teacher as required.

· To aid access to the full range of learning experiences both inside and outside the classroom and provide modified materials as required e.g. worksheets, games, visual prompt cards etc.

· Develop, monitor and track the effectiveness of the EAL Pathway

· To make or modify resources as suggested and advised by the Homeroom teachers, Educational Psychologist or other outside agencies.

· To organise and maintain an inclusive learning environment across the whole school environment.

· Provide positive reinforcements, praise and rewards to pupils.

· Facilitate inclusion in small group activities with peers and support interaction between them.

· To attend in service training and relevant meetings relevant to the post in order to keep up to date with developments in working with children with special educational needs.

· Develop and facilitate the EAL transition and orientation programme


Supporting the School

· To foster links between home and school.

· To participate in relevant professional development as deemed appropriate.

· To understand and apply the school policies on learning and behaviour, and the statutory guidelines relating to disability discrimination and special educational needs.

· To maintain confidentiality and sensitivity to the pupils’ needs but have regard to the safeguarding procedures of the school.

· To carry out duties as directed by the principals


Personal Specification for Special Educational Needs Learning Support Assistant


You will need to

· Have experience of working with children with special educational needs in a primary school setting

· Have knowledge and understanding of the different social, cultural and physical needs of pupils.

· Have a genuine interest in how children learn and behave.

· Provide appropriate role models of behaviour both in the classroom and around school

· Really care about children, particularly those who find learning and managing their behaviour difficult.


You must be able to:

· Plan and prioritise tasks and work under the pressure of a busy inclusive primary school.

· Be productive and show initiative.

· Communicate effectively and appropriately to pupils with different abilities and ethnic backgrounds.

· Motivate pupils to learn.

· Motivate pupils to be sociable.

· Assist with the organisation of the learning environment.

· Maintain accurate records of the pupils.

· Work effectively with other adults in the school and wider community.

· Be a responsible and trustworthy role model.

· Have patience with children who find conforming to rules and expectations difficult.

· Have patience and be flexible and innovative with a clear understanding of how children might behave who find learning new concepts and remembering taught concepts difficult.

· Respect and maintain confidentiality but have regard to the safe guarding protocols of information sharing where necessary.

· Be computer literate.

· Attend training courses considered appropriate for the post.  


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