Kindergarten Primary School
Kindergarten Primary School

PYP Class| Visual Art Opening A New World of Inspiration

08 Nov 2022

"Art is Another Language"

Challenges will come 

but if we work together to build 

something with a caring and sharing attitude, 

a wonderful Community will emerge.

Let's Name It !!


In Visual Arts, students collaborated together to create an imaginative community filled with creativity. Connected with the PYP and  their home room learning, students explored how we organize ourselves. Under the unit of inquiry, students identified the communities we belong to, different roles within a community and our responsibilities as members of a community. Before getting started, everyone agreed upon a name titled Googie Googie Community.


Wonder Wall Activity

In order for students to develop a better understanding what a community is made of, they engaged in the Wonder Wall activity.This activity allowed students to be inquisitive and wonder about what should be in their community. They wondered if the following could be in their Googie Googie 


Community: hospital, houses, school, castle, playground,police station, restaurants, stores, cars, road and much more. 

Connect the Class to the Real World

Students also learned the design thinkingprocess of empathy, define, prototype and test. Through empathy, students developed a better understanding of the challenges they faced with accepting and understanding their classmates ideas. As students began to define their community, they were able to clearly describe the problems they wanted to solve. During collaboration and sketching out ideas, students also learned to prototype what worked best for their community. Once the community was completed, students were able to test their finished product.


At the end, each student became open-minded and contributed to a community filled with so much imagination. 

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