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Kindergarten Primary School

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20 Jun 2020



Zhejiang Ningbo Concordia School for Children of Foreign Personnel (ZNCS) originated from the Concordia education system. Thanks to one of the world's most developed and influential private education system, ZNCS naturally has excellent educational beginnings. The campus is located in the prosperous Sanjiangkou area, adjacent to the city's new landmark "Ningbo Tower" , and surrounded by many municipal projects including a high-end commercial mall, residential areas, and an urban central park. The entire campus covers a construction area of 30,000㎡possessing 5 new buildings, 2 basketball courts, a football field, a multi-function theater, and a multi-function playground. It is equipped with extensive first-class facilities to provide students with a safe, natural, healthy and comfortable learning environment.



Ningbo is one of the central cities of the Yangtze River Delta and an important city of “the Belt and Road”. Its influence is increasing both nationally and worldwide, and therefore appeals to more and more professionals who choose to work and live in Ningbo with their families. In order to address the educational needs of these professional’s children, officers from the Ningbo Municipal Government and Education Bureau are dedicated to introducing excellent, international education options. 


During the preparation period, Huang Zhiming (former director of Ningbo Municipal Education Bureau) and Wang Jianping (director of Yinzhou District Education Bureau) discussed the cooperation of running schools with the Concordia University Chicago team. Later, Director Huang Zhiming and Dr. Thomas Jandris, the former vice president of Concordia University Chicago, signed the Memorandum of Understanding of cooperation on Apr 22, 2018. In the following two years, the Concordia Chinese team was invited to visit Concordia University Chicago, Hong Kong International School and Concordia International School Shanghai for further development.



As one of the supporting projects of the “Ningbo 3315 Plan", ZNCS officially settled in Yinzhou, Ningbo in 2020 with the support from the Yinzhou District Education Bureau and other professional teams. ZNCS will bring excellent education resources from the Concordia Education System to the whole city, which will also meet the educational needs of the professionals' children.


ZNCS follows a rigorous, globally focused curriculum and provides essential, traditional Chinese language and culture courses for expat students (including those from Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the Macao Special Administrative Region and Taiwan Region of China.) aged from 3 to 18. As a pioneer of Education 4.0, teachers will incorporate the suggested five key pedagogies for innovative teaching, including playful, experiential, computational, embodied, and multiliteracies.




The teaching staff of ZNCS is recruited through a worldwide network. All teachers are native English speakers, including USA, UK, Canada, etc. We eagerly seek more outstanding educators to join our team, to set the standard for high quality international education in Ningbo and beyond! We believe that a group of passionate, innovative educators are the most valuable asset to our school, providing the foundation for the future development of education. We are actively recruiting teachers with the same education philosophy.



As part of our commitment to provide unique career opportunities to learn, explore,collaborate and grow, we offer the following:

  • A comprehensive onboarding process designed to prepare new faculty intellectually, emotionally, and logistically.

  • Professional learning workshops and communities that focus on pedagogical needs and opportunities for growth.

  • A work environment where creativity and innovative ideas are encouraged and embraced.

  • A professional learning community with some of the best and most passionate faculty in the world.

  • A career matrix that allows multiple opportunities for professional growth while remaining at the heart of teaching and learning.

  • Access to the most current educational technology and resources to implement innovative, project-based, digital, and virtual lessons.

  • Very competitive total compensation packages and benefits that are either at or above market to support healthy, fulfilling, and long-term professional growth in our organization.






¥300,000-480,000/year + Whole package of benefits



  • Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree(master degree prefer)with additional appropriate teaching qualifications or certification in a specific subject area.

  • At least 3 years experience in the Pre-K/G1-3 classroom

  • Intercultural competence and the ability to foster collaboration and trust.

  • Excellent communication and classroom management skills.

  • Proficiency with technology including Microsoft Office, virtual meeting spaces such as Skype and Adobe Connect.

  • Familiarity with digital learner management systems to document child progress and classroom technology

  • Only teachers with official permission to work will be considered – teachers who are new to China will be assisted to ensure they comply with immigration and work regulations.


¥250,000-350,000/year+ Whole package of benefits



  • Bachelor’s degree (Master’s preferred) from an accredited college/university.

  • CELTA/Trinity/TESOL II.

  • CELT-P (Cambridge English Language Teaching – Primary) or other Young Learners Certification.

  • 3 years’ experience teaching learners of preschool and age.

  • Working within a diverse environment of international learners and their parents.

  • Excellent oral and writing skills.

  • Capacity for prioritizing conflicting demands.

  • Intercultural competence.

  • Ability to gather facts and to analyze situations objectively, accurately, and in an organized fashion.

  • Demonstrates good critical thinking skills.

  • Attentive to deadlines.

  • Flexible and adaptable.

  • Basic computer literacy.

  • Supports the aims, objectives, goals, ethos, and mission of the school.



¥100,000-180,000/年 + 丰 厚 福 利



  • 拥有本科及以上学历,有海外留学背景优先;

  • 拥有幼儿教育证书或教师资格证优先;

  • 英文流利,达到雅思6.5及以上同等水平;

  • 具备幼小学段的实习或志愿者工作经验;

  • 具备良好的跨文化协作能力;

  • 尽量满足每个学生的需求,确保每个儿童的安全和福利;

  • 能够始终采用适合发展的实践方法;

  • 关心学生并且耐心照顾他们;

  • 能够熟练使用办公软件,并愿意学习使用数字学习者管理系统来记录儿童进步过程;

  • 愿意接受背景调查;

  • 愿意学习急救知识;

  • 愿意接受工作体检,并提供体检报告;

  • 可接受全职工作,并可接受轮班工作;

  • 交通便利


















Tel: 15805692166  August Zhang



Socrates said: Education is not to instill, but to ignite flames. We hope that you can ignite the flames in children's heart, and we are able to ignite your ambition and passion for the future.



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Concordia International School Ningbo serves students from age 3 to age 18 and provides a rigorous, globally focused education that fosters inquiry, knowledge empathy, and nurtures a lifelong love of learning.