Kindergarten Primary School
Kindergarten Primary School

Mr. Xu Yangsheng, Academic of CAS, Visited Concordia Campus

16 Jun 2021


Last Saturday, Mr. Xu Yangsheng, who is an academic of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, US National Academy of Engineering and IEAS, as well as the Principal of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen), visited Concordia campus and shared his ideas about school construction, operation and development with school leaders.


After obtaining his PhD from the University of Pennsylvania, Mr. Xu worked at the Institute of Robotics, in the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. He concurrently served as the Director of the Space Robotics Laboratory. As a scientific researcher and an educator himself, Mr. Xu always emphasizes the cultivation and development of students' scientific literacy.


During the campus visit, Mr. Xu thought highly of the space and design of the whole school, and also discussed the importance of decoration and how educators should take care to adapt the teaching environment to children's psychological development stages, creating a child-friendly campus, and further increase the children's sense of security and belonging in the campus.


Mr. Xu once put forward the concept of "The integration of Chinese and Western societies, the ancient and the modern, the arts and the sciences" to cultivate international talents in our modern society, emphasizing students' independent thinking ability and a sense of social responsibility. This matches with Concordia’s philosophy that we believe in the development of the whole child to cultivate global citizens. After an in-depth discussion, Mr. Xu and the school leaders reached a multi-dimensional cooperation intention, and more resources and support will be provided for the school's future development.


As the key education project both in Ningbo City and Yinzhou District, Concordia School was introduced by the local government and has been established in the prosperous Sanjiangkou area of the city. The school will firstly provide education from kindergarten to Grade 2 in the coming new semester. As part of the Concordia education system, one of the world's most developed and influential private education systems, Concordia is dedicated to providing a world-class education through a localized innovation curriculum, an experienced and passionate faculty team, a bilingual immersive environment and the world's top campus facilities and services.

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