Kindergarten Primary School
Kindergarten Primary School

Glamour Courses of CISN——Magic CCA

20 Sep 2022

CISN attaches great importance to basic education, we still insist that interest is the best teacher.


At CISN, we have prepared more than 40 Co-Curricula classes to help children learn more about the wider world and make their study life more colorful.

Interest is the Best Teacher


CCA(Co-Curriculum Activity), is a supplementary curriculum that helps students grow beyond the main subjects. As the important part of CISN curriculum, CCA program involves subjects in the fields of humanities, social sciences, and physical arts, helping students build comprehensive abilities beyond subject knowledge.


CISN believed that academic achievement is not the only thing that we pursues, and this educational philosophy runs through the whole school stage of Concordia. CCA courses will cover from kindergarten to high school.


CCA Information Session


The CCA Information Session was held at the beginning of the school with a dazzling array of Consultation and experience booths. At the booth, the students had a demo class, and the teachers of each course would also answer questions from parents.



| Golf


| Stacking


| Boxing


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| Chinese Harp


| Chinese Zither


| Fun English Class


| Taekwondo


| Fencing


| Jewelry Design


| Hockey


| 3D Printing


Scientific and Humane Course Selection


The course selection of the CCA program will be carried out on the online WeChat account in this term.


In fact, the more important significance of the CCA program is to train students’ skills such as collaboration, leadership, mindset, cognition, and presentation skills.


CISN also offers one-week experience class for all the students so that they can have an opportunity to change the course if they feel that the course experience is not suitable for them. In addition, teachers and instructors will recommend appropriate courses for some students based on their personalities and strengths.



Focus on Individuality and Efficiency


In terms of curriculum, CISN focuses on popular interest in the early stage, allowing students to develop their interest in playing. Our school will gradually open professional classes and offer more professional courses to students with professional ability.


In addition, many CCA courses are taught in full English by international teachers. For example, Mr. Steven's Clay and Printmaking class, Mr. Mitch and Mr. Harrison's English Club, Ms. Jessica's Lego, Mr. Saulo Melo's Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, etc. This immersion classroom environment will improve students' oral English skills.


We believe that each child has unlimited potential and CISN is committed to complementing their strengths with their weaknesses. We will be offering more elective courses in the future, so stay tuned!


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