Kindergarten Primary School
Kindergarten Primary School

No More Picky Eaters With Concordia’s Pastries

20 Oct 2022

"What should I do if my child is a picky eater, a choosy eater, or doesn’t eat enough?



Growth Problems

Vitamin deficiency

Weakened Immune System


At Concordia, we are not only concerned about our students' lives and learning, meals are also a particular concern for us. By adapting our meals to the changing seasons, ensuring balanced nutrition, and through small innovations in food, children learn to appreciate food, appreciate the taste of different food, and develop good habits of not being picky about food.


Macaroon Fruit and Vegetable Buns


Ingredients: spinach, pumpkin, purple kale

The nutritious fruit and vegetable steamed buns reflect Concordia's green and healthy diet in terms of shape, texture, color and taste. Spinach can prevent iron deficiency anemia and strengthen the body's resistance; purple kale and pumpkin both contain carotene and rich fiber, which can relieve visual fatigue. Our pastry chef has played with ingenuity to make colorful and delicious fruit and vegetable buns by squeezing vegetables into juice, solving the problem that many children do not like to eat vegetables.



Yam and Sweet Potato Cake


Ingredients: yam, sweet potato

Yam and sweet potatoes are rich in a variety of vitamins, dietary fiber and minerals, strengthening the spleen and stomach digestion. In autumn, giving children some yam and sweet potato could increase immunity and improve memory. These small and delicate yam and sweet potato cakes are made into the shape of a flowers, which increases the fun of eating for children.



Chestnut Cake


Ingredients: Chestnuts

As a seasonal autumn treat, chestnuts contain more vitamin C than many fruits, more than ten times as much as apples! Delicate and lovely chestnut cake combines the sweetness of chestnut and the fluffiness of cake, awakening children's taste buds with superb value and rich taste.



"Chinese Pastry" is just a small part of Concordia's meals, and the concept of healthy eating permeats across the children's three meals a day.


We believe that nutritious meals are an indispensable part of children's growth. In the future, we will continue to promote children's happy eating through diversified cuisines!


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