Kindergarten Primary School
Kindergarten Primary School

STEM Day | Egg Challenge at CISN !

09 Nov 2022

Egg Challenge

STEM Day inspires children to explore and pursue their interests in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths, as well as developing their critical thinking, practical and problem-solving skills. 


To celebrate STEM Day Concordia launched a mission to protect an egg from breaking when dropped from a height. The students always look forward to the annual egg drop challenge which gets them and their families fully engaged in a STEM project.


Creat Protective Devicesl

After receiving the challenge, students began to design and create their protective devices using different techniques and materials. 


Some students used different materials as parachutes. Other students used wooden sticks or straws to engineer a triangular nest structure for the egg. Some students built helicopter blades and aeroplane wings for their eggs to fly. Some students using bubble wrap, foam boxes and even popcorn to wrap their eggs up like a parcel……


Drop Our Eggs

It wouldn't be STEM day without an exciting experiment so after admiring the wonderful creative designs and predicting which materials would protect the eggs well, we began the testing. The moment of truth came when the teachers dropped the eggs from the rooftop, the students chanted and cheered each other on.



▲Student's were so excited to see which materials would protect the eggs from the fall


Then it was time for the results. The students couldn't wait to unwrap their designs to find out if they had been successful. There were smiles all around as the children opened their designs to find out if their eggs had survived the fall.



Of course not all of the eggs survived the fall but the students had so many ideas about what materials they would use next time to protect their eggs and improve their designs. 


Enjoy Our Eggs


The final prize for the successful designs came when the surviving eggs were cooked by our wonderful Concordia canteen and the students got to enjoy their eggs for lunch.

Mission complete!

 Concordia hopes that next STEM day 

and every other day we will continue to see 

the students displaying their curiosity,

 creativity and problem solving skills 

to solve more problems, 

and enjoy the fun of challenging themselves!

Join us

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