Kindergarten Primary School
Kindergarten Primary School

We are Ready for the New Spring Term!

31 Jan 2023

In order to provide a safe, beautiful, clean and comfortable living and learning environment for our children, the Concordia logistics department have completed rigorous preparations for the new term. Today we will take you on a journey with the Concordia logistics department to see what they have prepared for you! 

Campus Sanitation

Concordia maintains strict management of public health on a daily basis, and conducts "no corner left unturned, full-coverage" disinfection in classrooms, cafeterias, public areas and outdoor areas, ventilates all areas  regularly, replenishes greenery, and creates a safe, hygienic and warm environment for our children.


Campus Safety

Concordia carries out regular safety hazard checks and improvements around the key parts of the school. Concordia also carries out food safety checks including management of food transportation, certification, processing, dining, sampling and ensuring the hygiene and safety of the food processing area, eliminating the hidden food safety hazards.


Stockpile of Materials

Concordia purchases sufficient epidemic prevention materials in advance, including antigen detection reagents, masks, disinfection supplies, safety temperature measuring equipment, etc. to provide physical health monitoring and daily protection needs for teachers and students at any time.


Control and Prevention


As the epidemic prevention and control enters a new stage. Concordia follows a "protecting health and preventing severe diseases" approach, we adopt strict closed management, with non-school personnel not allowed to enter the school; The temperature of teachers and students is measured when they enter school, and the daily health monitoring of teachers and students has been strengthened.


One week before returning to school, teachers and students are required to take body temperature recordings and observe clinical symptoms related to novel coronavirus infection on a daily basis.  If there are any related symptoms, teachers and students should undergo an antigen or nucleic acid test,and in the case of a positive test result, the results should be reported to the school and return to school should be delayed.

This is the true portrayal of our school logistics staff.

We are looking forward to seeing you for the coming new semester!


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