Kindergarten Primary School
Kindergarten Primary School

2.12 Concordia Kindergarten Open Day !

08 Feb 2023


12th Feb (Sunday) 9:30-10:30am

Concordia Kindergarten Open Day

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Concordia Kindergarten Spring Enrollment



1、Our Program

Concordia Kindergarten applies principles of both the Reggio Emilia philosophy of Harvard-affiliated kindergartens and IB-PYP to conduct localized school-based teaching and learning environment. Reggio highlight child-centeredness. It encourages trans-disciplinary study and multiple teaching methods beyond a lecturing system. It emphasizes creativity, respect and teamwork. IB-PYP, as a supplement to Reggios generative curriculum, deepens children's understanding of interdisciplinary knowledge and develops hands-on and problem-solving skills.


We also use CCA program (covering golf, Vex robotics, taekwondo, fencing, jewelry design, etc.) to build children's comprehensive skills in the fields of practice, aesthetics, collaboration, leadership, and expression beyond subject knowledge.

2、Our Campus Facilities

Outdoor Area: FIFA Standard football field、Extensive & Environmentally Friendly Sports Facilities、SSS(safe, smart satisfied)Standard of Smart Campus......all of these provides high quality space to our children.


Indoor Area: At CKN, besides the teaching classroomsthere are also various functional rooms in the campus such as construction room, music classroom, STEM classroom, performance classroom, Atelier classroom, and Plazza social gallery.


3、Our Team

Each class implements 4+4+1 faculty model. Such system (1 Chinese teacher + 1 International teacher + 1 assistant teacher + 1 life teacher) can well provide children more personalized care. What's more, we have another 4 specialist teachers who will delivery music, PE, Art and STEM class to children as well as a library teacher who will support children for their own reading plan. 


4、Our Team

We adopts“Double Head Teacherssystem. International Head Teachers: fully certified with Bachelor's degree or above; average of more than 5 years of teaching experience in early childhood education. Chinese Head Teachers: fully certified with Bachelors degree or above; over 75% of teachers gained their Masters degree from overseas universities. All of teachers have training and teaching experience in Reggio and IB-PYP.


5、Our Language Environment 

At Concordia Kindergarten, Chinese homeroom teacher works well with international teachers ,which can efficiently create a truly bilingual environment for children,ranging from well-designed situational bilingual course activities to bilingual dining culture with the company by both Chinese and English teachers.We strive to help our children to cultivate a “dual mother tongue‘thinking and intercultural competence in this multilingual learner community.


6、Our Food

We arrange healthy seasonal food according to the development of the children. At the same time, Concordia Kindergarten provides a personalized service for each child. The cafeteria will confirm allergy information with each classroom teacher and the school nurse in advance, and then make the corresponding allergy meals based on this information to ensure that the children eat happily.


7、Further Study at Concordia

Children who study in Concordia Kindergarten do not need to participate in Concordia Primary School admissions assessment. As long as they meet the need and requirement of Yinzhou District, they can apply the first grade of our primary school. For more information, please consult our admissions officer for primary school. (Tel: 13957440605)

8、Our School Hours


9、Our Fee

K0: 150,000RMB per year

K1-K3: 138,000RMB per year

(Uniforms, bedding, meals and escrow fees are not included)

10、Our Application Process

1) Campus Tour

2) Fill the Application Form

3) Principal Interview

4) Acceptance

5) Enrollment

6) Meeting & Registration

7) Entrance

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