Kindergarten Primary School
Kindergarten Primary School

Light Up the New Spring Term

13 Feb 2023

Spring has arrived as scheduled

 Concordians arrived back to school with vigor

They lit up the whole campus again

With a gleam in their eyes and smiles on their faces


Lion Dance·Light up the Blessings

The opening ceremony marked a fresh start with a lively atmosphere. Concordia prepared a lion dance performancean excellent Chinese folk art for our children to not only experience the fun of Chinese culture but also receive a unique New Year's blessing.


The children lit the lion's eyes with gold powder, meaning to open the wisdom to send good wishes. We hope this little ritual will become a beautiful memory in the children's hearts and help them take the first step of the new semester.


Enriching Classes·Connecting Knowledge to the World

Reviewing, Enriching, and Looking Forward,

the first lesson of the new term is wonderful.


Concordia Kindergarten

K0: Our nursery students' creativity has multiplied through Mr Steven’s creative art class.  


K1: In the Reggio program, the children of K1 not only reviewed the vocabulary in the previous semester, but also experienced the fantasy of the ocean through a variety of sensory experiences.


K2: Teachers developed a sense of respect, responsibility and leadership in the children by reading David Shannon's "No, David".


K3: K3曼妙生动的音乐课上,洋溢着宝贝们的欢声笑语。

K3: The music class in K3 was filled with the sounds of music and laughter of the students.

Primary School

Mona Lisa Smile, Girl with a Pearl Earring, The Starry Night

Artistic immersion is essential in a child's development and education

Concordia has always nurtured the "artist" in our students

Cultivating their appreciation and creativity

Let's enjoy the gorgeous works of Concordians!

The interesting new term activities have instantly brought the campus to life. Every day hereafter, Concordia will record the students’ growth with a high-quality education, witnessing them cultivate character and gain knowledge. 


Let's look forward to a brighter future together in the new semester!


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