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Kindergarten Primary School

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03 Mar 2023

Teaching Philosophy

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is one of the hottest trends in education, and is an important  educational theory, research topic and teaching practice. SEL courses enable students to develop and learn how to use social and emotional skills. By developing better self-awareness, self-control, empathy, and interpersonal skills, children and adults are more likely to thrive in school, work, and life.


Emotions are an important part of children's social and emotional self-awareness. This month, based on the theme of social and emotional learning, Concordia library selected corresponding thematic picture books for different reading abilities to create the first monthly thematic course——Social and Emotional Learning (SEL).



The Colour Monster

Emotions are invisible and intangible, and preschoolers have their own little emotions. At this age they are learning to control their emotions.In this library class, Ms. Leaf the Librarian invited the little monsters from "The Colour Monster" book into our library and used colors to refer to the feelings of different emotions, which is vivid, visual and interesting.


• yellow-happiness

• blue-sadness

• red-anger

• black-fear

• green-calm

• pink-love

Our children learnt the four steps of emotional management as they organised the various colours of the emotions: Perceive Emotions - Detect Emotions - Express Emotions - Manage Emotions.


Primary School

When Sophie Gets Angry


When Sophie Gets Angryis a children’s picture book of about emotional management. This story is a direct reference to one of the most difficult lessons when growing up: How to control and handle emotions.


Ms. Leaf guided the students to observe the details of the picture book, to feel the colours change from intense to somber to bright, to empathise more vividly with Sophie's inner emotional changes, and to learn how Sophie can heal in nature and soothe her inner anger.Our students were led by Ms. Leaf to think about and explore more ways to regulate their emotions through mind maps.



Jared's Cool Out Space

Jared's Cool Out Spaceis a functional picture book for children to learn how to manage their emotions using the "positive time-out" method. After further explanation by Ms. Leaf, the students learned new ways to accept their own emotions.


After the story, our students designed their own "Calm Space" program——a positive time-out corner with trees, birds, tents, and everything they needed to relax and gather emotional strength.



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