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Kindergarten Primary School

Call for Vendors | Concordia Charity Art Exhibition

10 Mar 2023

At night, you have to look up at the stars allover the sky. My star is too small for me toshow you where it is.That's fine. My star,for you, is one of the stars in the sky. so,you will love the stars all over the sky, andall the stars will be your friends.

—— Antoine de Saint-Exupéry 《The Little Prince




Do you know the children from the stars? Many people may not know about these special groups, including autistic children. Although they all have such defects, they are all artistic geniuses, so they also have such a beautiful name: the children of the stars. They are like stars in the sky, flashing alone in the distant and dark night sky.


Concordia will hold the Charity Art Concert Exhibition of "Empowering Art, Inspiring Stars" on April 15th-16th, using art and music as a channel to "draw" with "the children of the stars" and listen to their "voices" through their artworks.


On the occasion of the charity art concert exhibition, we invite you to gather the power of "seeing" and enter the starry art world of these special group, Interpreting "Empowering Art, Inspiring Stars".

Booths Recruitment

Exhibition Time

15th Apr. (Sunday) 13:30-16:30

16th Apr. (Sunday) 10:00-16:30


Concordia International School Ningbo

No.18 Guangfu Street, Yinzhou District, Ningbo


Children-related Theme Booths

(independent handicrafts, artistic flower arrangements, fashion accessories, vintage toys, books and illustrated books, cultural and creative peripherals, handmade coffee, etc.)

 Recruitment Time

10th, March 2023 to 1st, April 2023


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Note: 10% of the proceeds from the booth will be donated to the Little Star Special Children Training Department in Yinzhou District, Ningbo.


Regardless of borders, nationalities and ages

 Join us to light up the deep night and illuminate the world of "stars"!


Join us

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