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Teachers Focus | CISN Student Council Campaign

23 Mar 2023

Student Council is one of the brightest parts of Concordia. Student Council members not only serve as role models for other students, but also actively plan campus events and share their ideas, which help them develop leadership and teamwork skills. Concordia has always been committed to helping children become future global leaders through a variety of hands-on student  council activities. Let’s follow Jessi to take a look at the journey to creating our student council.


This semester we have appointed our new CISN student council. The student council is an important part of the pastoral care that we provide at CISN. It gives the students the opportunity to have their voices heard, feel part of the community and learn to take responsibility. It also provides a chance for students to grow and develop leadership skills for the future.

In the first phase, our head of pastoral gave an assembly introducing the roles and responsibilities of the student council. There was so much interest in working together to create a better school and so many interesting ideas shared by the students.


Then our interested students completed applications explaining why they would be good student council members and what exciting ideas they have for improving our school.


In the second phaseall applicants were invited to a formal interview with the school principal and the head of pastoral. The interview gave them the chance to share their leadership qualities, school pride and inventive problem-solving ideas with us. It was also a great experience to prepare them for future interviews and develop communication skills.  


The last phasethe written application scores and the interview scores were added up and the top scoring students were selected. Students, teachers and parents joined together to celebrate the achievements of our new student council members at the announcement ceremony during our weekly assembly. The school leadership team congratulated the chosen students and awarded certificates and badges for their blazers.


The whole process highlighted what a wonderful community we have at Concordia and we are excited to see as much interest and enthusiasm in the applications for next semesters student council. Keep your eyes out for updates on what our exceptional student council members will achieve this semester!


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