Kindergarten Primary School
Kindergarten Primary School


As one of the supporting projects of the “Ningbo 3315 Plan", Concordia International School Ningbo (CISN) was founded by the Ningbo Education Bureau to provide access to the Concordia education system for the whole city, and meet the educational needs of foreign personnels children.



CISN originated from the Concordia education system. Concordia is one of the world's most developed and influential private education systems, giving CISN an excellent educational background.

The Concordia education system has a long history with established schools such as the Hong Kong International School and Concordia International School Hong Kong, cultivating many outstanding graduates including the famous director Wu Yusen and Qiu Chengdong (younger brother of mathematician Qiu Chengtong), math professor of Tsinghua University. In Hong Kong, these schools are the most-welcomed and most-desirable schools among the top schools.

Experts from Concordia University were invited to visit Ningbo to discuss the cooperation with the Ningbo Education Bureau.

Mr. Huang Zhiming (former Director of Ningbo Education Bureau) and Dr. Thomas Jandris (Vice President of the Concordia University) signed an MOU for the school.

Dr. Thomas Jandris signed a cooperation agreement with the organizer.

The Concordia Ningbo team was invited to visit Concordia International School Shanghai to further the cooperation educational.

The Concordia University team and the Concordia Ningbo team were invited to visit Hong Kong International School and Hong Kong Concordia School and engaged in-depth discussion.

The organizer and the Yinzhou Education Bureau reached an agreement on the cooperation of the school. The site selection of the campus was confirmed and the construction of the campus was officially launched.

The Concordia Ningbo team visited Concordia University, USA, and discussed about how to successfully operate an international school.

Dr. Thomas Jandris came to Ningbo and directed the preparatory work of the school as the Founding Principal.

The school organizer was invited to visit Hong Kong International School (Concordia system) again to further the discussion concerning the operation of the Concordia International School Ningbo.

Dr. Michele, an expert from the Early Childhood Center at Concordia University, was invited to Ningbo to help with school founding affairs and offered support for developing the kindergarten curriculum.

The Concordia School Preparatory Office was established.

Mr. Xu Yangsheng, an academic of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, as well as the Principal of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen), was appointed to serve as the school consultant of Concordia International School Ningbo. He reached a multi-dimensional cooperation intention with the school leaders, and more resources and support will be provided for the school's future development.

Mr. Wang Jianping, the Director of the Yinzhou Education Bureau, visited the Concordia campus to conduct the inspection of the school construction work, and emphasise the importance of whole campus safety as a priority.

The campus was officially inaugurated.

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Concordia International School Ningbo serves students from age 3 to age 18 and provides a rigorous, globally focused education that fosters inquiry, knowledge empathy, and nurtures a lifelong love of learning.