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Highlights in Concordia Creativity Camp | Children are Amazing!

17 Aug 2021


Our Creativity Camp was so popular that once the event launched, more than 90 children were keen to join us! To ensure that we provided an enjoyable activity experience, as well as to allow more children to have fun in our campus, all the teachers made efforts to offer an extra session: "We are here for the children!" Last Friday, Creativity Camp session 1 and session 2 (8.03~05, 8.11~13) were both completed successfully. The performance of the children was far beyond imagination. Let's have a look at those highlight moments!

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During the Creativity Camp, children and teachers completed 6 learning projects together in 3 days. All the children showed their amazing learning abilities, creativeness, and imagination in both learning process and the final performance.


Music Maker


All students participated in making their own sound box drum and shaker which they designed and decorated in their own unique way. Students moved their bodies to the beat and explored playing a range of dynamics on their drums such as loud, soft, fast, and slow! Students also learnt a simple rhythmical chant and a simple bilingual song!



STEAM: Tower

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Teacher Will introduced many famous towers and their unique functions to children, such as the Tianfeng Tower in Ningbo, the Leifeng Tower in Hangzhou, the Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai, the Canton Tower in Guangzhou, the Sky Tree in Tokyo, The Eiffel Tower in Paris, and the Burj Khalifa Tower in Dubai. Children became so curious about towers and after the teacher explained the stability of the triangle, they began to design and build unique towers with cotton candy, plasticine, and small wooden sticks. They really did a wonderful job!



City Number

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There were many magic city numbers scattered in the classroom! Some students worked together in small groups to search for numbers, shoot videos, and create an electronic book. While other children tried to draw their favorite or imagined city buildings in a number they loved. What a magic number!



STEAM: Skyline

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Students were introduced to multiplication by using arrays. They were shown that arrays could be seen in everyday things such as buildings. The students were then encouraged to creatively make a building to add to a city's skyline using their windows to show their multiplication ability. Colorful walls, heart-shaped windows together with some shining decorations, these buildings were full of imagination!



Amazing Sports

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The children had a fun-filled 3 days full of laughter, excitement and of course physical activity. Our various games, dances and drills enabled us to focus on particular skills such as basic movement, running/mobility, balance, hand-eye co-ordination, and teamwork. All the students performed particularly well in our Hula hoop pass activity, that involves agility and flexibility along with teamwork.



STEAM: Foil Boats

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For this activity the children were given the opportunity to use their creativity and engineering skills to collectively inquire about how to design a boat that can support the most weight. They created pizza boats, banana boats, rectangular boats, and their own uniquely designed boats. They then made predictions, recorded their data, and reflected on the results. Never underestimate the energy of children! Give them a piece of tin foil, and they can be little boat builders!


Besides those exciting and meaningful learning projects, we also prepared delicious snacks and nutritious lunches for the children. Children usually chatted freely and delightedly with their new friends, their Chinese teachers, and international teachers during each pleasant meal. Thus, an immersive bilingual environment was created.

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During Show Time on the last day, all the children presented a wonderful performance, as well as displayed their excellent creations and works. What's more, moms and dads were also invited to the show to share the joyful time with children and teachers, and participated in the interesting interactions on the spot.


Creativity is self-expression, without judgement, using what we know to make new things. Creation is self-fulfilling, it's enjoyable, it develops confidence in people of all ages. Creativity helps children to manage their feelings. It fosters mental growth and development. It develops new ways of thinking and problem solving. Creativity is one of the most precious skills for a child to have. The younger a child develops a flare for creativity, the more positive impact this will have on their lives. We hope that Concordia Creativity Camp ignites a flame in children's hearts, and we also welcome more children to join our City Exploration Program next year!

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