Kindergarten Primary School
Kindergarten Primary School

A Journey through the Concordia School Cafeteria and Kitchens

13 Apr 2022

Food is a necessity for human life and at Concordia food safety comes first. Of course, our children care most about the taste of the food, whilst parents' top priority is food hygiene and safety. In order to satisfy both needs Concordia provides food with both good taste and high safety standards. We strive to provide children with happy and healthy mealtimes, as well as ensuring our parents can have complete confidence in our school catering service.


Today we will take you on a journey through the Concordia Cafeteria and Kitchens.


Natural Ingredients


Even the most skilled chef cannot make delicious dishes without fresh ingredients. Most of the ingredients we use in the school cafeteria are provided by the Concordia Organic Farm. Fresh, free – range ingredients such as eggs and seasonal fruit and vegetables are delivered straight from the farm, ensuring that children can enjoy fresh organic food every day.


In addition, Concordia cooperates with a high-standard catering distribution supplier to provide a highly transparent distribution system for fresh fish and meat. All ingredients are accompanied by quality inspection reports to guarantee the food quality.


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A Kitchen Parents Can Trust


Parents bring their children to Concordia because they feel confident that they can trust in our school. "I want my child to be healthy and happy" is not a minimum requirement, but rather the highest standard. Food safety is related to the health of every child and is therefore incredibly important. The school has established a reliable catering system which, together with our daily monitoring and checking system, ensures the school kitchen provides a high-standard food service.

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All of our kitchen staff are fully qualified with necessary health certificates.


The kitchen implements the 6S management system. Proper area management with a food storage area, pantry, and cooking area clearly classified. Every tool has a correct place in the clean and bright kitchen.

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At ZNCS, we attach great importance to food hygiene. All ingredients are double cleaned and sterilized according to the relevant regulations. All tableware is cleaned and sterilized too. After the first manual cleaning, all tableware is put into an automatic dishwasher for a second cleaning with 80~100°C water, then finally placed in a professional disinfection cabinet.


Besides routine daily inspections, we also make every effort to ensure optimal cleanliness and safety in our food preparation and serving through real-time digital monitoring, food safety traceability, and recipe design and nutrition balancing.


A Nutritious & Balanced Diet


The weekly school menu is carefully crafted and prepared with nutrition and health in mind. It also provides a variety of choices to suit everyone's tastes, including Chinese, Western, Japanese, and Korean food.

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During morning and afternoon snack time, both Chinese and Western style handmade snacks are served by our professional pastry chefs. We also serve a variety of seasonal fresh fruits to provide the children with a variety of vitamins and dietary fibers.

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Careful Preparation


Besides the great taste and nutrition of food, it’s also important to consider the suitability of the food for our students.


Our weekly menu is created a week in advance, it is then confirmed by each homeroom teacher and the school doctor to check the allergy information. The school cafeteria then prepares meals specific to each child's needs, ensuring that children can enjoy delicious food happily, healthily and safely.


Children are accompanied by both Chinese and international teachers during lunch and snack times, which enables the children to develop table manners and customs from both cultures in an immersive bilingual environment, as well as developing healthy eating habits from an early age.

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Concordia makes the upmost efforts to provide high-quality food service everyday with natural ingredients, nutritional menus, clear management, high hygienic standards and a transparent traceability system. We hope our delicious food will satisfy your stomach, and our trustworthy Kitchen and premium service will satisfy your heart!


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