Kindergarten Primary School
Kindergarten Primary School

Teachers Focus | Children's Drama Performances in CISN

12 May 2023

At Concordia, drama education plays a very important role in foreign language teaching. The integration of drama into teaching is conducive to fostering creativity and promoting the overall development of students.


Our week 11 Grade 2 play during assembly was a huge success, bringing many a smile to our fellow students and adoring parents faces.


This play was entirely mapped out, designed and put together by our Grade 2 class, using their extensive knowledge of story writing together with an extraordinary amount of creativity to adapt a completely original story into a play.


The main areas of the play that Grade 2 focused on whilst within the creation process were sequencing to ensure a stable and easy to follow narrative, a strong moral value as a core theme for the audience to relate to and a fun and surprising plot twist.


All of these skills we obtained, adapted and put to beautiful use by our students through a wonderful amount of teamwork, dedication and academic prowess stemming from our Language Inquiry classes where we delved into the intricacies of story telling, genre specific narratives and use of differentiated language based on an audience.



Our Grade 2 class showed the heart, courage and motivation that comes from being part of the Concordian family, and we are all deeply proud of every student and humbled by their ability to shine so brightly.


We hope to see you soon within our audience and joining in with the Concordian spirit!


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